Swan Valley Veterinary Clinic

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Donor Cows

Selection of donors is based on superior genetic merit. The offspring need to be very marketable.

Minimum requirements:

~60 days post calving

~Cycling regularly

~Good body condition (2.5-3.5/5)

~We do not recommend flushing heifers at his time

Management of Donors

1) Nutrition:

~ Good nutrition plan with mineral supplementation

~ Cow should not be losing body condition

2) Pre Flush Examination

~To ensure reproductive  tract is normal and ovaries are functioning adequately

~To ensure they are not pregnant

3) Super Ovulatory Program:

~Donors will be handled very often during the set up procedure

~Handling system should be a smooth and low stress

~Timing of injections needs to be followed very closely

~ Specific protocols will be provided based on donor examinations and flush history

4) Insemination of Donors:

~ Minimum of 2 inseminations with high quality semen. Often 3 straws are used over 2 breedings

~If sexed semen is used please contact prior to discuss

~ Save straws for records

5) Flush Day

~ Cow needs to be restrained on a secure and warm environment

~ Should be indoors out of the wind and rain